EMS “electric muscle stimulation” training is an intense full-body workout. A powerful and efficient combination of strength and cardio training, home of the 2 x 20 (minutes) weekly training program. PhysioFix offers professionally guided private and semi-private classes in our new facility.

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The advantage of our PhysioFix exercise is in an individual training session, where the strength and intensity of training are adjusted to the individual. Our trainers will listen to your wishes and adjust their training to them.

Practicality and time


PhysioFix XBody: Training 2 x per week (duration 20 minutes)

Classic Training: Training 3-5 times a week (duration 60 minutes)

The effect of
muscle training


PhysioFix XBody: Up to 30 x greater than classical exercise

Classic Training: About 1x

Calories consumed


PhysioFix XBody: 500 kcal – within 6 hours after training
1200 kcal – within 24 hours after training
up to 4000 kcal – within 48 hours after training

Classic Training: Up to 800 kcal

Predicted heart rate


PhysioFix XBody: 120 – 130

Classic Training: 150 – 160

First visible results


PhysioFix XBody: After 4 – 6 training

Classic Training: After 20 – 25 training

Increasing power


PhysioFix XBody: Up to 3x faster

Classic Training: Faster 1x

Balancing muscle balance


PhysioFix XBody: Always

Classic Training: Depending on the training and the trainer

Growth of deep
muscle tissue


PhysioFix XBody: Up to 5x faster

Classic Training: 1x

The risk of
muscle damage


PhysioFix XBody: Very low

Classic Training: High

Risk of damage
to the spine


PhysioFix XBody: There are no injuries

Classic Training: Often

Joint loads


PhysioFix XBody: No load

Classic Training: Frequently

Elimination of spinal
and hip injury


PhysioFix XBody: Very recommended

Classic Training: Rarely recommended exercise, mandatory with a physiotherapist

Help after surgery
and sports injuries


PhysioFix XBody: Highly recommended

Classic Training: Normally not recommended


The advantage of our PhysioFix exercise is in an individual training session, where the strength and intensity of training are adjusted to the individual. Our trainers will listen to your wishes and adjust their training to them.


EMS has gained a wildly popular following in Europe and is now beginning to gain popularity in the U.S as well.

EMS is an abbreviation for Electro Musical Stimulation. It is a device whose roots go into the purely medical field, where the device was used in rehabilitation and patients for whom survival, inclusion in normal life is essential fast gain on muscular strength and endurance. Muscular endurance, muscle strength, muscle response and definition. The technique of electro-muscular stimulation imitates completely natural activation and the transfer of information to the central nervous system via an electrical impulse, which tells the muscle that it is shrinking.

Thus, within 20 minutes of training with a personal trainer through a pre-programmed program (based on your goals), you can achieve up to 150 times more muscle contractions than with normal training. The exercise is carried out individually, because this is of course the true importance of personal training, so that the coach solely dedicates only to you and adjusts the training according to your abilities, the desire to transform the body, and the like. High intensity training lasts for 12 minutes, followed by 8 minutes of cardio work and finally a 5 minute massage and relaxation. The first results are visible after 10 visits, most of which are observed after 4 exercises (especially in the skin tension, loss of inches on the thighs and buttocks and a better tone on the legs).
The PhysioFix XBody exercise is recommended to all those who want quick results in the shortage of time, because saving time compared to classical training, for example, in the fitness room, is enormous. The effect of muscle training is up to 30 times the classical exercise, and the body burns calories for 48 hours after exercise (500 kcal – within 6 hours after training, 1200 kcal – within 24 hours after training, up to 4000 kcal – within the time limit up to 48 hours after training). The growth of deep muscle tissue is up to 5 times faster and the risk of muscle damage is low.


ENHANCED MUSCLE TRAINING: Our systems send electrical impulses to respective muscles. The motor nerves are reached and more muscle groups can be addressed.
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