EMS “electric muscle stimulation” training is an intense full-body workout. A powerful and efficient combination of strength and cardio training, home of the 2 x 20 (minutes) weekly training program. PhysioFix offers professionally guided private and semi-private classes in our new facility.

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PhysioFix was honored to be included as part of the annual Cure Cup event. There was a lot of excitement as Orlando's movers and shakers teed off for the cure at the third annual Cure Cup held at Isleworth Golf and Country Club on October 5, 2020. Brought to you by the Orlando Sports Foundation. The Orlando Sports Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to raising funds and awareness for organizations working to find a cure for cancer.

You’ll feel a difference after your first EMS training session. As your body releases endorphins, and as most major muscle groups in your body are activated, you will experience increased physical awareness, resulting in improved posture. After a day or two, you’ll feel some muscle stiffness. This is normal and indicative of your body’s recovery process. You will feel stronger within about four weeks. And different muscles will improve to coordinate movements more effectively. After roughly six to eight sessions (or 6 to 8 weeks), you will see and feel

At PhysioFix Fitness we recognize and value the important efforts of so many crucial Central Florida nonprofit organizations working to make our community a healthy and happy place in which to live. Because we are in the business of fitness, we enjoy aligning with causes that value health and wellness. One of our favorite organizations, The Orlando City Foundation does this is a big way. They bring soccer to under-served communities, with a holistic approach to health and wellness. They accomplish this by providing free soccer programming, investing

EMS training has been employed in sports medicine and rehabilitation for decades. EMS training has widened its scope of application in the last 10 years to include general fitness and sports performance. A wealth of research exists on EMS training among its areas of application—research that has proven EMS’ scientific effectiveness. Some of the most significant research findings have shown positive training effects on muscle mass (Kemmler & Von Stengel, 2013). Research from the German Sport University Cologne (Filipovic et al., 2012; Speicher et al., 2008) found significant improvements in

Check out Dellagio's Ultimate Fitness Combo from PhysioFix and IV Lounge - For only $75 you get an EMS Session with PhysioFix and a Super B-12 shot from IV Lounge. To redeem - schedule your FREE EMS session (online or call (407) 701-6145). Your first stop is PhysioFix for your EMS session where you will pay the $75 promotional rate - then downstairs to IV Lounge for your B-12 shot. Offer valid for new or existing members or clients of PhysioFix and IV Lounge. One offer per person,

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), trains your muscles in a specific way that traditional workouts can’t. This happens by the stimulation of muscle contraction by using electric impulses, and by activating muscle contraction via electrical stimuli, your muscles are being trained. These electrical pulses activate your muscles externally. Let’s say we are targeting a specific muscle in your body, any muscle you choose. It makes no difference whether the electric stimuli originate from your brain or electrodes. In both cases the muscle contracts. Our PhysioFix EMS sessions will help you reach deeper

Staying fit and looking great, is fun! But truly being healthy (on the inside) is the secret to a happy life. At PhysioFix Fitness, we are invested in ensuring our clients have the tools they need to ensure they are staying fit and being healthy. Our EMS training system ensures strong muscles, healthy joints, and enhanced cardiovascular ability. To establish a baseline and to ensure you are getting the results you want, we offer a BODY COMPOSITION ANALYSIS. A body comp analysis is an easy to use sports-technology test that

Melinda McCann is no stranger to fitness, as a former ski and windsurfing aficionado, she has been intrigued with physical fitness and longevity her entire life.  Originally from Slovenia, with its active mountain lifestyle, she inherited a natural interest in how being active positively impacts a person’s overall health and happiness. In 2017 she was introduced to EMS training in Europe. EMS stands for Electric Muscle Stimulation and it has been widely used in European physiotherapy for decades with great results. Its rapidly expanding use as a Whole-Body Training method

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